Simple, secure, private networking for everyone

Airwall Teams

Free forever

For techies, developers, networkers and evaluators

  • 25 free nodes
  • 1 overlay network
  • Cloud-hosted management



For IT and OT teams

  • Unlimited nodes
  • Unlimited overlay networks
  • Full provisioning API
  • Physical gateway, IoT, LAN support
  • Additional security features and more...



For self-hosted and
air-gapped networks

All features of Airwall, PLUS

  • Self-hosted & managed private network infrastructure
  • Ideal for ICS/SCADA/OT environments

Compare features

Feature Airwall Teams Airwall Cloud Airwall Off the Grid
Nodes 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Overlay networks 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Secure remote access
Easy network segmentation
Cryptographically strong ID
Cloud-hosted management Self-hosted
GUI-driven configuration Simple and intuitive Powerful Powerful
Fully configurable via API ----
Ideal for ICS/SCADA/OT environments ----
Devices completely invisible to attackers ----
Physical and virtual gateways for connecting entire networks of devices ----
Multi-factor user authentication ----
OpenID Connect (Okta, Ping, Auth0, etc.) support ----
Advanced network troubleshooting ----
PCI and user activity reporting ----
Policy orchestration / automation ----
Event-based monitors, alerts, and actions ----
Asset discovery and management ---- full full
Security features including network IPS and layer 4 filtering ----
Support Community Standard, or 24/7 w/ SLA Standard, or 24/7 w/ SLA
Self-hosted & managed private network infrastructure ---- ----
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