Intelligent Buildings Partners with Tempered Networks for Managed Service to Secure Commercial Real Estate Networks

New combination provides groundbreaking cost structure, speed, and security

The network you want
over the network you have

Fast and easy to deploy & maintain. No forklifts required.

Network Diagram
Protect Assets

Protect critical assets and unpatchable IoT devices with a segmented virtual air gap

Securely Connect

Securely connect any device or network across public, private, cloud, & mobile networks

Stop Movement

Stop lateral movement from bringing your network down

Ditch Firewalls

Ditch internal firewalls and complex VLANs & ACLs

Replace Expensive Links

Replace expensive MPLS links with more cost efficient SDWAN capabilities.

Upgrade your VPN to a true
Zero Trust Software Defined Perimeter

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Solutions for everyone

  • Simplify remote access for employees & vendors
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity and multi-cloud transport
  • Replace expensive MPLS network connections (SDWAN)
  • Isolate and protect critical process controls and devices
  • Secure remote access
  • Securely share device data with the cloud analytics
  • Provide safe vendor access to sensitive industrial networks
  • Upgrade to more flexible, secure VPN
  • Segment networks for enhanced security and ransomware protection
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities by hardening & cloaking endpoints
  • Enables cost-effective, secure remote management of your products
  • Securely network and manage distributed edge devices, anywhere with Airwall technology
  • Generate novel insights and revenue from customer data
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  • Simple, secure access to your files, devices, and cloud instances from anywhere
  • Secure Virtual Private LANs with colleagues
  • DevOps: Access source code, build and production servers securely from anywhere
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What our fans are saying

Airwall has been a game-changer for our organization. It effectively limits our cyber-risk, has been easy to deploy across our hospitals and clinics, and protects our physicians, caregivers, and patients.

— Director of Information Security at National Healthcare Provider

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